The concept of the phenomenon of "No one" as a status of a person in society is poorly understood due to the complexity of its understanding. Each person of the modern society can subjectively consider himself only "someone", proving to the whole world or a narrow circle of people the facts of his own achievements. Among these facts may be physical accumulations such as money, appearance, power, knowledge, intelligence (not to be confused with wisdom), luxuries, own ideas, books, or art objects. There is no other idea of ​​oneself, since a person from his youth acquires the habit of identifying himself only through the outside world.

"No one" is a person endowed with a unique intellect, who has gone a long way in psychological and physical development. He is able to give an account of what is happening to him in real time, regardless of external circumstances. He keeps a sense of self-importance under control, connecting it only in the necessary life situations.

"No one" constantly has access to two dimensions, which gives him a choice:

  • do not suffer from interaction with others, since only "someone" can suffer;

  • to be "someone" at the right moment to achieve the goal.

This choice gives him effectiveness in many aspects of life, especially in his contribution into the society. Controlling the feeling of rejection of others endows him with a sense of togetherness. Together with the skill of empathy, this feeling makes him safe for any society, since he habitually lives in the paradigm "hurt another - harm himself" and vice versa.

"No one" has received self-realization within through recognition of himself, and therefore, no longer needs recognition from the outside for everyday communication. He is selfish in his desires to help others. His inertia of the mind attracts new knowledge and the unlimited angles of perception opens up access to the infinity of combinations in the mind.

 "Someone" can only be "someone". "No one" can be everything. Unlimited means infinite. Zero equals infinity.

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